Jade Eggs
Jade Eggs

During the ancient times in China, it was believed that keeping one’s sexual organs healthy led to youthfulness and longevity. As jade was one of the most valued stones during those times and believed to have healing properties, it was chosen to create eggs for vaginal exercises. Only the most privileged women of the imperial courts were taught how to use the jade eggs. To this day, jade eggs are still used for benefits including recovery from childbirth, maintenance and strengthening of sexual organs, increased pleasure during intercourse, etc.

Jade eggs work to improve your health by strengthening your kegel muscles.  The eggs help you locate the pelvic floor muscles by giving a feedback when you squeeze the eggs.  Jade eggs work just like metal ben wa balls, but some women prefer the properties of jade. 

Jade is a popular material used to produce the eggs due to its properties. Polished jade is smooth, which allows for comfort. Proper hygiene can be maintained as it isn’t corrosive or porous. As boiling water is able to sterilize the jade eggs, cleaners and soaps are not necessary.

Typically, three progressive sizes are offered: small, medium, and large. Beginners should start with the large size as it is the easiest to grasp with the PC (pelvic floor) muscles.  Insert the egg into the vagina and squeeze to hold it in place.  Try holding the egg for ten seconds and then rest. Then repeat the exercise ten times.  Starting out, the exercise should be performed three times per day.  Doing the exercises daily is very important to achieve results.  After your muscles have improved, you can lower the repetitions of the exercise to once per day and move on to smaller eggs.

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